About the Credit Accounts:

Our accounts are for the convenience of our customers and contractors. These accounts are not revolving. Payment is due in full on the 10th of each following month.

Filling out the Application:

Please be sure your application is filled out in its entirety. Applications that are submitted incomplete may not be processed. Applicants with an email address and on-line access will be automatically set up with a web account when the email address is provided on the application. For more information regarding web accounts, see “On-Line Accounts”. If you are not interested in an On-Line account, do not provide an email address on your application. Fax your application Attn: Kathie Salvadore, Asst. Controller, Fax #: 207.363.0905

Processing the Application:

Processing the Application usually takes approximately one week. Upon the processing completion, the applicant will be contacted by our office as to whether or not an account has been opened.

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